Staff Summaries Explained

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The staff summaries table will show you a row for every form type for which there is data in your school. When you first come to this table it will be collapsed (more on that in a moment) and in each row you will simply see a count of how many forms have been completed for each staff member. For example, in the image below you can see that there has been exactly 1 Learning Walk carried out on LB, which are the initials of our staff member Louise Best.

Handy tip! Hover over the initials to see the staff name in full.

You can expand the table to view more data by clicking on any of the blue plus icons next to the form types. This will give you a further breakdown by aspect where you can see how many times a staff member has been graded against an aspect and what their average grade is (shown in brackets).

staff summaries

In the example above, the average grade for ‘Assessment’ for DB is 2, which is our shortcode for Good. If you use letters instead of numbers for your shortcodes you will see these instead.

All figures in the table are clickable. Clicking on them will pop up information on the individual forms that make up that number and you can click through to view these if needed.