How do I create a self review against the teachers’ standards or wellbeing?

To create a self-review against any of the standards that your school has set up, click on ‘360 Reviews’ on the main menu, then click on the radar type you wish to use. Click ‘Create Review’ and then fill out the fields you’re presented with before clicking ‘Create’.

If your school has saved any predetermined review titles, these will appear as options when you start typing in the review title input field. You can select one of these from the dropdown list or type in your own.

Leave review type as ‘Self Review’.

You may see fields allowing you to link your review to particular subjects or year groups. By doing this, you are granting the heads of those departments access to your review once it has been published.

Two other options that may appear are ‘Keep Private’ and ‘Make Anonymous’. ‘Keep Private’ ensures that the review will only ever be visible on your account – i.e. nobody else will have access to it unless they have your username and password. ‘Make Anonymous’ replaces your name with the word Anonymous. SLT and any relevant subject/year group heads will be able to see your review once it is published, but they will not be able to tell who the review is by.