School Charts Explained

The school charts section of your ‘My School Dashboard’ page will include a number of charts depending on two things:

  1. How many assessment sets you are using across your forms.
  2. How many different form types you have so far gathered data for.

The charts that appear under the ‘Overall Summary’ heading represent the different assessment (grade) sets you have used on your form types and they triangulate data across all form types that use that particular assessment set. For example, let’s say you have an ‘RAG’ assessment set which you use on your lesson visit, book look and planning scrutiny forms. The RAG chart would therefore summarise any assessments made across all three of those form types.

If you only use one assessment set across all of your form types, you will only see one chart under the ‘Overall Summary’ heading.

Below ‘Overall Summary’ you have the ‘Form Type Breakdown’ section. In this section you’ll find a separate chart for each form type that you have published data for.

All of the charts have their own dropdown lists that allow you to view data on particular aspects or change the view to show data by term/year instead of month. You can also choose to view percentages rather than values.