Appraiser/Approver Tracking Screen Explained

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The appraiser and approver tracking screens give you a quick overview of the performance management documents that you are either set as the appraiser or approver for.

Appraiser Tracking

Using this screen, you can quickly identify what stage of the process staff are at and what needs to be done next in order for the performance management cycle to continue. In the example above we can see that the majority of staff have moved from objective setting to interim review. Same Daniels has had 3 interim reviews.

If you zoom out on the page (using Ctrl and -), you will be able to see more detail, such as whether the document has been agreed by the appraisee and the appraiser.

All of the dates in these tables are clickable, allowing you to see how that person’s document looked at each stage in the process.

If you tick ‘Show all staff’ at the top of the table, it will update to also show you staff who have not yet started the performance management process.