School Charts Explained

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The school charts are split out into form type, meaning you’ll see one graph for every form type that you have set to display in statistics. Please note that they will only show if you are using the grade dropdowns on your forms. If you have disabled grading for a form type, you will not see a graph for it even if you have it set to show in statistics.

When you first view the school charts they will automatically be showing the overall grade for that form type (or if you’re not using overall grades, the grade for the first aspect that appears on the form). They will also be showing you your results on a month by month basis.

You can change how you view the school charts by using the dropdowns that control all graphs at once (A) or the dropdowns that control the individual graphs (B).

school charts

The ‘By Month’ dropdown will also allow you to view your data on a termly or yearly basis and the ‘Overall Grade’ dropdown will allow you to see grades given for individual aspects of your framework (if you’ve used grading there). The ‘Display Values’ dropdown can also be changed to show percentages rather than counts.