How do I set somebody as an appraiser of a staff member?

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If the person has been given a role that allows them to view all performance management documents then you can skip the steps below as they will already be able to appraise anyone in the system. To check what role the person has go to ‘Administration’ > ‘School Admin’ > ‘People’ and find that person in the staff list. To check what access rights have been granted to that role go to ‘Administration’ > ‘School Admin’ > ‘Roles’.

To give somebody permission to be an appraiser of a particular staff member go to ‘Administration’ > ‘School Admin’ > ‘People’ and click ‘Action’ and then ‘Edit’ next to the appraisers name. You should see an ‘Appraisees’ table appear under the save and cancel changes buttons. Simply add the staff members that you want this person to appraise to the ‘Appraisees’ table by clicking ‘Add New Record’.