How do I change the grade set that my form is using?

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It is not possible to change the grade set on a form that is already in use in the system as this would cause you to lose data on forms already recorded and saved. Instead, you must retire your old form type and create a new one. When you are setting up the new form type you will have the option to select your new grade set (which must be set up before you add the form type as you will not be able to change the grade set later – click here to find out how to add a new grade set).

Once saved, you will need to link your new form type up to any aspects that old form type was using (providing you still wish to use these). Go to ‘Admin’ > ‘Teaching and Learning Admin’ > ‘Framework’ to do this. Note that if your old form was using a different grade set, it’s likely that the aspects it was linked up to were also following that grading pattern. For example, if you were Ofsted grading your old formal observation then the descriptors within those aspects will be split into Outstanding, Good, etc. If your new form is using, for example, RAG rating, you may also wish your descriptors to be split up this way – i.e. into Red, Amber and Green. If so, do not edit the old aspects, but instead, create brand new aspects and link your new form type to those instead. To find out how to create a new aspect, click here.