How do I add a course on behalf of other staff?

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If you need to add a course for staff you line manage or as the CPD coordinator, go to:

‘CPD’ > ‘My Staff CPD’ or ‘My School CPD’ > ‘Add a CPD Attendance Log’ or ‘Raise a CPD Request’

  1. A box will appear for you to start typing the course name and a pre-populated list of courses will appear for you to choose from. Once a course is selected, the information will become visible in the boxes below the course name. If you have the permission to add new courses, you will also have the option to click on a green button named ‘Create New Event’, where you will be able to submit your own information at this stage.
  2. Select ‘Save and Continue to Session Info’ and add a date and time. There are two cost fields available: ‘Cost’ to capture the cost of the course itself and ‘Additional Cost’ to capture any associated cost of attending the course, for example, travel or supply cover costs. To capture a course that runs over a number of sessions, tick the box next to ‘Is Repeating?’, and input the number of sessions. This will save you having to add each session on the system. Click ‘Save and Continue to Attendance Info’ to move onto the ‘Attendees’ screen.
  3. Here you will see a list of individuals you have permission to add CPD on behalf of. To select attendees, simply tick the box next to each name. Click ‘Save and Continue to Expected Outcomes’.
  4. Here you will see a tab for each attendee (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the name to expand), with any development points and performance management objectives linked to that individual. You can highlight any of these that you feel this CPD course will address by ticking the box next to the relevant point. You can tick the ‘Cover Required’ box to detail any cover requirements, and the ‘Renewable?’ box to input an expiry date if applicable. There is an option to ‘clone this data for all attendees’, which will copy any school development priorities and any text you have input into ‘My Plan to Disseminate Knowledge’ and ‘My Expected Outcomes’ to all the other attendees selected.
  5. At this stage, you can either finish the process by clicking ‘Submit Request’ or ‘Save Booking and Return to Dashboard’ (which button you see depends on how you started the process), or you can continue and add feedback for the course for each attendee by clicking ‘Save and Continue to Attendance Info’. If you want staff to add their own feedback, finish the process at this stage and then ask the attendee to log in and add the feedback themselves by going to the ‘My CPD Dashboard’ screen.