Development Point and Strength Screen Explained

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The Development Point and Strength screen draws together all of the development points and strengths that have been set as part of the performance management process. What you see on this screen will depend on your level of access. Teachers, for example, will only be able to see their own development points and strengths.

Members of the SLT will be able to see the ‘School Development Points’ tab, under which there are two further tabs – one for development points and another for strengths.

school cpd

On the development point tab you’re able to mark development points as a priority or as completed and you’re able to add action notes and attachments/links against them. In the example above you’ll notice that one of the actions is in bold, which means that it has been marked as completed.

You can sort both the development point and strength tables by left or right clicking on any of the column headings. Left clicking on a heading will sort the table by the column you’ve clicked. Right clicking will provide you with more options.