Can I change the options in one of the dropdown lists on the form?

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Yes. If you want to edit a required field dropdown (e.g. ‘Subject’ or ‘Year Group’) you can do so by going to ‘Administration’, ‘School Admin’ and then selecting the relevant sub tab. Once you have added your new option (and made sure that it is enabled) it will automatically appear in your dropdown lists. Note you will need to be logged in as an admin-enabled user to do this.

If you want to change an option in one of the custom dropdown lists that your school has added to the system then click ‘Administration’ followed by ‘Teaching and Learning Admin’. Select the ‘Dropdown Lists’ tab, then click ‘View’ next to the list you would like to adjust. A table will appear on the right. Click ‘Add New Record’ to add a new option or click ‘Edit’ to change an option already present.