Can I add teaching and learning forms on behalf of other staff?

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Unless your have a role that has permission to login as other staff you will be unable to access other user’s accounts and therefore unable to add forms on their behalf.

If you do have this permission (or to check if you have) go to ‘Administration’ > ‘School Admin’ > ‘People’ and click ‘Login as User’ next to your chosen staff member. You will then be able to add a form as that person.

The system does allow you to add additional viewers and editors to your Teaching and Learning forms. When you have created a new form you will see that a table appears at the top right. Click ‘Add New Record’ to add an additional observer, remembering to tick the ‘Can Edit Form?’ box if you want them to be able to make changes to the form.

Please note! Two or more people cannot edit the same form at once, even if accessing the system on different devices. If you attempt to do this you may lose some of the comments you have written.