Can two people approve a course?

Some schools may want a course to be approved by two levels of management, for example, a head of a department followed by the headteacher. In theory this can be done, but once the course is approved by the first person the status on the dashboard will change from ‘requested’ to ‘approved’.

Once the head of a department has approved the course, to approve it again go to the ‘CPD Reporting’ page, and run the ‘Requests’ report. From this screen, you can view CPD that has been requested, if it has been approved and who by, and finally, you can approve or reject any course, regardless of its status. If a course has already been approved, you can approve it again and insert an additional comment.

When the attendee logs in, they can go to the reporting page, run their own ‘Requests’ report and see whether both parties have approved the course.